A few years ago my beloved Himalayan Persian cat Claude passed away. His coat was snow white and very long. He had the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen and a pink nose. I miss him so very much.

He used to wait for me to get home and when I walked in the door he turned and flopped on his back. Naturally I had to drop everything and give him a tummy rub. He was so gentle. I always kept him inside and he had his own room. Inside he had a big kids playhouse which I turned into a “jungle” for him so he would feel like a lion. I put put plants inside and ladders and all sorts of toys. He loved that house.

One day when I opened a plastic milk carton and the round circle sealer piece fell off the cap and on to the floor. To my surprise Claude ran after it and then dropped it at my feet. I threw it a distance away and he did the same over and over again.

Next day I thought I’d teach him to jump from the bench to the table and so on. I know nobody is going to believe this but he picked it up straight away.

Every night after my chores were done Claude would sit on the kitchen bench and I would feed him shaved ham and tell him about all my woes. The little darling would sit and look into my eyes like he understood. I haven’t been able to buy shaved ham since.

When he passed I was heartbroken and cried for weeks. I thought I couldn’t live without him – I missed him so much but I had other pets to look after and they also needed me.

I didn’t know I had so many tears and even though a few years have now passed I still miss him. I had friends who never liked cats but once they met Claude they all loved him.

There will never be another cat like him and I’m sure he’s waiting for me in heaven.


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